SATO LM4XXe Accessories

LM4XXe Accessories
SATO USB printer cable (USB-5000-03M)
10 ft. USB cable (USB 2.0, A to B).
SATO USB printer cable (USB-5000-02M)
6 ft. USB cable (USB 2.0, A to B).
SATO Serial printer cable (PCM-1970-06)
9-pin to 25-pin, 6 ft.
SATO Parallel printer cable (PCM-1100-06)
6 ft. Parallel printer cable.
SATO Ethernet printer cable (UTP1400-10G)
10 ft. Ethernet printer cable with snagless RJ45 boots. Color: Green. Required for connecting Ethernet-enabled printers to a network.
SATO Serial printer cable (PCM-1900-06)
25-pin to 25-pin, 6 ft.
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