Samsung SRD-480D Surveillance DVR

The Samsung SRD-480D has been discontinued. No direct replacement is available.
Please contact us for a suitable substitute.

4CH HD-SDI H.264 Digital Video Recorder

The SRD-480D is the DVR that enables the recording of HD/Full HD resolution images from HD-SDI cameras. As well as the ability to record real-time images across all channels at 720p HD resolution, the SRD-480D enables the user the opportunity to record in resolutions of 1080p Full HD over selected channels. The HD-SDI system provides a set of benefits over conventional analogue/network systems. It utilizes existing analogue infrastructure of coaxial cable while providing much higher resolution of image quality. It is just similar to standard DVRs and to install and operate it does not require any additional specialist knowledge or skills. In addition it transmits uncompressed, unencrypted digital video signals and result in clear crisp images without any loss or delay. The SRD-480D is the ideal recording solution for users looking to sharp images with professional performance and it is suitable for applications such as monitoring casinos, banks and airports.
SRD-480D Options
Samsung (SRD-480D-4TB)
4CH HD CCTV DVR 4TB H.264 120fps@4CIF
Samsung (SRD-480D-2TB)
Samsung SRD-480D (SRD-480D-1TB)
4CH HD CCTV DVR 1TBDVD-R H.264 120fps@4CIF