Samsung SRD-470D Surveillance DVR

The Samsung SRD-470D has been discontinued. No direct replacement is available.
Please contact us for a suitable substitute.

4CIF resolution real-time recording capability

SRD-470D is a high performance 4 channel recording solution with embedded Linux and H.264 codec technology. This DVR records up to 120/100 (NTSC/PAL) fps at 4CIF resolution. The SRD-470D comes equipped with a built-in DVD drive and 1 internal hard drive.
SRD-470D Options
Samsung SRD-470D (SRD-470D-500)
DVR, 4CH, 500GB, H.264, 120fps @4CIF, 120FPS@2CIF, 120FPS@CIF
Samsung SRD-470D (SRD-470D-2TB)
DVR, 4CH, 2TB, H.264, 120fps@4 120FPS@ 2CIF, 120FPS@ CIF, DVD
Samsung SRD-470D (SRD-470D-1TB)
DVR, 4CH, 1TB, H.264, 120fps@4 120FPS@ 2CIF, 120FPS@ CIF, DV
Samsung SRD-470D (SRD-470D)
4CH, 500GB, H.264, 120fps@ D1, 120fps@ 2CIF, 120fps@ CIF, DVD