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Samsung GV-MDC Color Surveillance Camera
Samsung GV-MDC Color Surveillance Camera
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Samsung GV-MDC Color Surveillance Camera

The Samsung GV-MDC Color has been discontinued. No direct replacement is available.
Please contact us for a suitable substitute.

High resolution digital color

The GVI Mini Dome series of cameras are the perfect low cost solution for discrete indoor surveillance. Compact, easy to install and complete with the included power supply make the this dome series perfect for small CCTV installations. The Samsung GV-MDC Color is a fixed camera equipped with a 3.5 mm lens. It produces over 380 TV lines of color resolution and the interior bracket allows for many viewing angles. Back light compensation and white balance yield crisp, clear images in most lighting instances. The GV-MDC Color yields 1 lux at F2.0. The GVI series of mini domes are low cost, easy to install solutions for most CCTV surveillance systems.
GV-MDC Color Options
Samsung GV-MDC Color (GVMDC)
Camera (3.5 inch, Minidome, Fixed Camera, 1/4 inch, 380TVL and 3.6 mm Lens)
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