Samsung GV-MB90 Monitor CCTV Security Monitor

The Samsung GV-MB90 Monitor has been discontinued. No direct replacement is available.
Please contact us for a suitable substitute.

1000 TV lines resolution

The Samsung GV-MB90 Monitor produces high resolution (1000 lines at center), high contrast pictures on a 9-inch (23cm) diagonal screen. A quick start circuit produces an images on the screen within a few seconds after switching on the power. The monitor is housed in an enameled rugged steel cabinet for durability. The GV-MB90 Monitor features all solid state circuittry and video loop-through connectors with switchable high impedance/75 ohm termination. Front panel controls includes Brightness, Contrast, Vertical-Phase, Horizontal-Phase and AC power On/Off. The GV-MB90 Monitor series is an excellent choice when you require a rugged compact monochrome monitor. The reliable design of this monitor will provide years of trouble-free operation.
GV-MB90 Monitor Options
Samsung GV-MB90 Monitor (GVMB90)
GV-MB90 Black and White High Resolution Monitor (9 inch, 1000TVL and Metal Case)