Brecknell WS15/WS60/WS120 Scale

Brecknell WS15, WS60 and WS120 bench scales offer the user a competitively priced scale incorporating four full load bridge load cells with self-leveling feet. The tough low profi le platform has a brushed stainless steel top for ease of cleaning and a generous platform size. It is mounted on four anti-slip rubber feet

The Brecknell WS15/WS60/WS120 is also known as the Salter Brecknell WS15/WS60/WS120

WS15/WS60/WS120 Options
Brecknell WS-120 (WS12000AAZAAAA)
120 kg x 0.05 kg / 260 lb x 0.1 lb
Brecknell WS-60 (WS06000AAZAAAA)
60 kg x 0.02 kg / 150 lb x 0.05 lb
Brecknell WS-15 (816965002238)
15 kg x 0.005 kg / 30 lb x 0.01 lb