Brecknell S122 Scale

The Salter-Brecknell S122 features simple check weighing feature, with built in limit indicators of LOW, OK, and HIGH. Configurable Audio alarm settings. Target setting can be used for simple weighing or counting. The simple counting feature using the Sample and Count keys with selectable sample sizes of 10, 20, 50, and 100 pieces. For accurate counting, minimum piece weight is suggested at 1/2 of a displayed division.

The Brecknell S122 is also known as the Salter Brecknell S122

S122 Options
Brecknell S122-60 Bench Scale (816965001156)
60lb x .02lb
Brecknell S122 (816965001187)
Bench Scale - 600lb x .2lb
Brecknell S122 (816965001170)
Bench Scale - 300lb x .1lb
Brecknell S122 (816965001163)
Bench Scale - 150lb x .05lb