Brecknell 6710 Scale

Brecknell 6700U Series A newer version of this item is available.
It is replaced by the Brecknell 6700U Series.

Accurate and reliable

The Salter-Brecknell 6710 is a standard point-of-sale interface scale for linking to electronic cash registers or POS systems. It features a six digit LCD external display with large 0.5" characters, tactile keys.The Salter-Brecknell is accurate and reliable since it's electronics ensure repeatable weight measurements and troublefree operation. The 6710 is easy to install because of it's Bi-directional 9-pin RS-232 port. It also interfaces to most electronic cash registers and point-of-sale software programs.

The Brecknell 6710 is also known as the Salter Brecknell 6710

6710 Options
Brecknell 6710 (9504-16663)
7 kg x 0.002 kg
Brecknell 6710 (9504-16655)
NCI Scale, 15lbs, External Display, RS-232. Includes Power supply. Requires (Part# 1140-13842).
Brecknell 6710 (9504-16453)
Scale, Retail/Grocery 30LB RS-232 DB-9F Cable with Remote Display
Brecknell 6710 (9504-16452)
15 kg x 0.005 kg
Recommended Accessories
Brecknell 6700U Series Accessories (1140-13842)
Cable, RS-232 (Serial), 9 Pin Male/Female Pass Through, 10 feet, Compatible with 6700u Series.
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Brecknell (1148-15536)
Power supply for 7620 Scale, 120V, 15VDC
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