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Ruckus 901-7762-UN03 Access Point

Ruckus 7762-AC - ZoneFlex 7762-AC Outdoor Access Point. Canada Only. 802.11n.
The most robust 802.11n Outdoor Wi-Fi Access Point available, delivering range, reliability with Adaptive Antenna Technology custom fit for service providers

The Ruckus 7762-AC is the industry's first 802.11n outdoor access points featuring purpose built capabilities for the service provider market such as a single mode fiber uplink, AC power, and up to 500 clients per AP. The 7762-AC features a long-range, high-gain sectorized smart antenna array that integrates adaptive antenna technology and unique interference mitigation technology to deliver up to an additional 6dB of BeamFlex gain, physical antenna gain of 10dBi, and 15dB of interference mitigation within in a 120 degree azimuth. This advanced smart Wi-Fi design with concurrent 802.11n radios delivers 150 Mbps of sustained throughput between mesh APs 600 meters apart and 50 Mbps of sustained throughput to clients 300 meters away.

Full specifications (PDF)

Full specifications (PDF)

Brand Ruckus
Model 7762-AC
Environment Outdoor

The Ruckus 901-7762-UN03 is also known as RUC-9017762UN03 or 9017762UN03 .