rf IDEAS RDR-6921AKU Access Control Reader

rf IDEAS WAVE ID Nano Keystroke (125 kHz) - Access Control Readers, rf IDEAS WAVE ID Nano Keystroke (125 kHz), AWID Black Horizontal USB Reader
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rf IDEAS WAVE ID Nano Access Control Reader Model Overview
The rf IDEAS WAVE ID Nano reader combines all of the benefits of desktop and surface-mount readers in a small package. It comes in two sizes: a regular USB-A version and a USB-C version that fits current computers, tablets, and smartphones. Both choices have an ultra-slim profile to reduce physical interference and the possibility of breakage. Furthermore, the USB-C version meets certain MIL-STD-810 criteria for altitude, temperature, humidity, dust, vibration, shock, and freeze/thaw cycles. These rf IDEAS readers, which are designed for on-the-go mobility, let healthcare, government, manufacturing, and corporate professionals to work remotely or move around freely in any location while keeping sensitive data safe.
WAVE ID Nano Keystroke (125 kHz)
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The rf IDEAS RDR-6921AKU Access Control Reader is also known as RDR-6921AKU