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RCI 1300ASS236X28

RCI 1300 Series Electrified Exit Device - 1300 Electrified RIM Exit Device (24V 36 inch with SS2 Aluminum Finish)
Features electric latch retraction with a remote unlock function for controlled entry

A high-security rim exit device with electric latch retraction, the RCI 1300 Series Electrified Exit Device features electric latch retraction and has a remote unlock feature for controlled entry. The patented interlocking latch and strike grip which forms a stainless steel lock completely encased within the mechanism. The addition of RCI's optional alarm unit creates a simple, easy-to-install traffic control system. The attractive lever trim can be used on the exterior side of the door for access.

Full specifications (PDF)


The RCI 1300ASS236X28 is also known as RCI-1300ASS236X28 .