Guest I am a police commander of a department with about 50 people. One of my responsibilities is inventory management and this department currently has nothing in place to manage its inventory. It is not a large inventory but it consists of things like firearms, ammo, tasers, radios and haz-mat equipment. If it was possible and affordable I would like to go to a bar code scanner system. I also have to deal with tracking and logging evidence for criminal cases and would like to expand into that.

As you have a possible need for evidence tracking as well I would suggest the ASAP Passport Asset software as the management tool to use. This software will track all your assets uniquely with their own set of characteristics as well as an assigned location. We can scan into the system with a standard scanner like the Honeywell 1300g or mobile computers like the Motorola MC55A. With this system you will always have an accurate record of the status of all your assets and where they are located. ASAP also has an expansion to their software specifically for evidence tracking called EvidenceTrac which you can add as your needs expand.

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Posted June 1, 2010