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 Guest I am investigating what is involved in implementing a bar code system for the library and book room at my school. I do have to say that I am just a teacher at the school, not an admin, but am looking in to writing a technology grant for the funds.

For a basic book tracking system you will need a software like RedBeam Check-In/Check-Out, a scanner, and a label printer. The software will manage the task of keeping track of who has what books, when they are due, and where they are located. You can associate check-outs with the students name or if you have bar coded ID cards these can be used as well. The reporting features of the software will allow you to always know what is overdue and where the books are. A simple scanner like the Honeywell 1300g can be used when checking items in and out and a Zebra GK420t printer will allow you to print ID labels for each book.

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Posted June 10, 2010