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 Guest I take photos at sports tournaments and sell them to athletes and parents. I have had my customers fill in their credit card information and then process them that night at home. I have a lot of problems with inaccurate information (wrong address, middle initial missing, digit off in credit card, etc). I was hoping to find a solution that would allow me to swipe the card and then just drop the information into a spreadsheet so I can process the charge in the evening as usual, but this time with the correct information.


For a fully mobile solution I would suggest the ID Tech Unimag Pro mobile credit card reader. The beauty of this device is that is plugs into most any current smart phone, including the iPhone and iPad, and can even process the credit card in the field. The UniMag Pro supports many processing software and will help reduce errors and ensure the credit cards you work with will be verifiable immediately.

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Posted June 13, 2010