Guest I work for a livelihood promotion institution that is involved in providing financial, insurance, and other agricultural and allied activities support to rural customers across more than 16 states in India. A number of application forms need to be completed in order to get information about customers availing these services from different part of the country. With enormous amount of forms it becomes difficult to track a particular form and thus we are thinking of labeling the forms with bar code stickers so that they can be tracked easily. It would be nice if you can come up with some solution for this.

Your application is essentially considered asset tracking since each form needs to be tracked uniquely. The ASAP Passport Assets tracking software would be a great fit to manage each form by its characteristics as well a the location it is stored in. This software will work with basic scanners like the Honeywell 1300g but also mobile devices like the Unitech PA600 to allow looking up forms anywhere in your facility. We can pair this set-up with a Zebra ZM400 printer to have a complete tracking solution with label printing.

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Posted June 20, 2010