Guest We are looking for an efficient way to organize lab samples. We would like to generate a database with each sample name and its important information (i.e. date created, what tests were run, etc). We would also like to implement a bar code/scanner system that would allow us to scan a sample and have the database quickly and accurately identify the sample and display its relevant information. Do you have any recommendations as to the software and the bar code scanner that we might need?

Since you would like to track each item uniquely I would suggest an asset tracking system like our BCI Preferred Asset Management kit. The included ASAP Passport Asset software will allow you to keep track of any attribute you would like for each sample as well as a location. With the included Motorola MC55 you can either scan an item bar code to get its attributes or even scan a location to see what should be assigned there. It is a very simpl to use system and will ensure accurate and easy access to all your sample data.

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Posted June 21, 2010