We need to conduct a physical inventory on computer equipment throughout the hotels. If possible, we would like to use the bar codes that are already on the computers and monitors when they are purchased (assuming they contain the model and serial number). We upgrade equipment on a 3 year life cycle, so we will need to know which equipment needs replacement. During the year, equipment is replaced on a ‘break/fix’ basis, so the database needs to be maintained. As computers are returned to our department, we will use the inventory database to properly disposition equipment as we donate them to the community. The scanner should be portable and allow us to batch the information once we get connected to a computer. We need to track information such as hardware type, model, serial number, department, user name, etc. The database must allow us to connect via ODBC so we can create reports using Crystal or Microsoft Access as well.

Your application is considered asset tracking as you want to manage each item uniquely by its location and characteristics. For a mobile batch based solution I would suggest our BCI Advanced Asset Management kit. This bundle includes the RedBeam software which is specifically geared towards IT based asset tracking. Keeping track of the purchase date, condition, s/n, location, software features, etc… is easily done with RedBeam, all of which can be exported to an Excel sheet or pulled from the SQL database itself. With support for multiple locations within your system the included Motorola MC55 allows you to freely collect asset data anywhere. As you make changes to your system you can readily dock the mobile computer to a PC for updates.

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Posted July 1, 2010