Guest I need a bar code scanning system for ensuring that the right product is packed in the right delivery box. It is to be installed on a continuous line at a speed of 100 packs per minute. The bar code scanner should be capable of scanning the bar code printed on the delivery box at this speed. There should be an operator interface in which the operator will choose the product that is to be packed, the system should compare each bar code scanned from the delivery box with the one chosen by operator and should automatically reject in case of any mismatch.

With the speed at which you want to be able to scan the items and the fact that this will need to integrate with an automated line you will want to look at the Microscan line of products. The MS-9 is a high speed linear scanner that offers a wide range of interfacing options to properly integrate with your line. The scanner will simply read the code but a PC will be needed to confirm and verify the items match what you need to pack in the boxes. We can develop a custom application running on a local PC to manage the process of verifying all your products on the line. We can offer both touchscreen and traditional interfaces to best fit you application needs.

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Posted July 5, 2010