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 Guest I would like to be able to track my product (product description, weight, and date of production for each product) from the abattoir to the sale of the product (including storage and processing). My product starts as specific cuts of meat, bagged and sealed. The cuts of meat then go into storage at one of several storage coolers or freezers (depending on the cut). Some of these cuts are sold whole and the rest are processed further and turned to new products. I would like a bar code system that can be put on each sealed cut of meat (containing the weight and date of production of that cut of meat). Then I will need to track those cuts of meat into a storage unit, and perhaps transfers from one unit to the next. For the cuts that are processed further, I will need to take them out of the inventory and add them as a new product (I would envision a separate bar code that can be put on each of these new products). I will need to track these new products back into storage. Lastly, I will need to track each item that is brought out of storage and sold. I am currently using Simply Accounting for the accounting side; therefore, I will need a software that can communicate with Simply Accounting. Naturally, I will also need heavy duty stickers and scanners that can be frozen.

The first component to a tracking system for you will be the software which I would suggest the ASAP Passport Stock Inventory. This application will allow you to manage your inventory ever through every step and even accommodate converting one stock item into multiple other types of items. It can track a range of product qualities and also has bar code label printing support. For the printing side of things a Zebra ZM400 along with some polypropylene labels would be best for frozen environments. Due to your need for functionality in a frozen environment the best mobile computer would be the Motorola MC9500K as it can operate down to -4° F. This system is expandable to however many mobile devices you many need.

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Posted July 13, 2010