Guest My employer has decided to place bar code stickers on all of our electronic equipment (computers, monitors, printers, etc…) as a way to keep track of our assets and for security. I estimate we we have no more than 250 items we will be tagging. I need a solution with a wireless scanner that will allow me to input the information in the field and software that will download the information and keep track of it.

We provide asset tracking solutions for applications of any size and for a basic system I would suggest our BCI Basic Asset Management kit. This bundle includes the Wasp Mobile Asset software and a Unitech PA600 mobile computer. This combination will allow you to manage your assets where ever they are located on the mobile device which can then be docked to a PC to update all your changes. A range of reports and filtering options are available on the PC client to always provide an accurate view into your asset collection.

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Posted July 15, 2010