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 Guest We run a chain of buy/sell/trade retail stores specializing in video games. We need a printing and label solution that would allow us to label all of our items and would integrate with our POS (Microsoft RMS) software. Most labels will be placed flat on the items, but some will have a 90 degree angle. We would like the label to be high enough quality so that our customers could remove them after purchasing the items from us without difficulty. We need the bar code to be around .25" tall x 1" wide, so that there is enough room for our other needed internal information on the label.

Given that each location will need to print their own labels I would suggest the Zebra GK420t printer and Bartender Pro software for a complete printing solution. Since you are using a POS system to track everything we can export the item numbers to use in the Bartender software to encode into the bar code itself. This way when an item is scanned it will readily match an entry in you POS software. The Zebra printer supports a wide range of label sizes and types including plastic labels or ones with removable adhesive for the ease of your customer after purchase.

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Posted July 15, 2010