Guest I am the engineer of a private yacht and am looking for a way to help me keep track of all the spares and supplies on the yacht. I think I am looking for a bar code scanner and a program based on Excel. I need something that will allow me to make reports that show what has been used so I can replace them while in port. Also I would like to be able to create monthly or yearly reports to show what we have used. I would like to use the bar codes already on the products.


What will best serve your application is an inventory control system like our BCI Advanced Inventory Control kit. This bundle includes the RedBeam tracking software that will manage all the incoming inventory onto the ship and as you use them they can be scanned out. The big advantage of this software though is it’s extensive reporting features all of which can be exported to an Excel sheet. You can also set minimum stock levels for each item and run a report to see what you are running low on. Included in the package is a Unitech PA600 to allow you to scan inventory freely away from a PC.

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Posted July 22, 2010
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