Guest I’m inquiring about implementation of a bar coding solution for tracking ingredient addition to media. I am envisioning the following steps:
1. All ingredients (boxes, bags etc) have a bar code identifier.
2. A bar code scanner is installed at the site of media preparation.
3. Items are scanned as they are added (manually) to the media. Ideally, the scan/addition of each ingredient would be time stamped.
4. Supporting software would track additions, alarm if the correct order/timing is not followed, and generate reports.
Additionally, there is an existing ERP system that we would like to tie in to.

We can help create a customized application that will accommodate the tracking and verification of the ingredients used in each order and integrate this with your existing ERP system. For the scanning side of things we would use the Motorola DS 457 which can be fix mounted and works with any PC. The scanner would be connected to a PC running the customized application to ensure each added ingredient matches what time and processing rules you have.

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Posted August 3, 2010
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