Guest We would like to have a system where we could scan student ID cards to verify each student has permission to leave campus at lunch. This is currently being done by stickers that are susceptible to counterfeit and trading. Ideally we could scan ID cards and have the handheld scanner/computer emit "stop" and "go" tones and displays. We already have bar codes printed on our ID cards. So we would need the reader(s) and the software to communicate with a database.

Depending on the total number of students we have two routes to go with for your application. In the case of having less than 1000 students we could use the Honeywell SP5500 Optimus data collector embedded with a look-up table consisting of each student ID number and a status value of whether or not they can have off-campus lunch. When an ID is scanned the device will provide the value for each student. This is the simplest solution and we can provided the needed programming of the device. For a larger student count we would need to go with a Windows-based device like the Motorola MC55A. We can they design a basic application to manage each lunch permission for your students.

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Posted August 17, 2010