Guest We have to track inventory both in-house stock and van stock. What I want to know is how do I go about picking a printer for labels? There are so many and we will need to have the asset tracking labels for our equipment both in-house and field equipment. We use asset labels for devices such as cell phones, aircards, circuit boards, laptops, and desktops. The labels I have been using are pre-printed labels. I do not know what is the best for our situation but we are looking for a label maker to replace the pre-printed labels that we have that will soon run out.

Asset labeling is one of the most common uses for label printers and we offer an easy to use bundle with our BCI Basic Label Printing kit. This kit includes a desktop Zebra GK420t printer and the associated Bartender software to allow you to make any type of label you may need. With a 4” max print width there are a host of label sizes to choose from and for more rugged applications there are even synthetic material labels the Zebra printer can make.

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Posted August 20, 2010
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