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We are looking for a simple bar code scanner driven cost recovery system, consisting of a on site PC, a bar code scanner and a customer database. The purpose is to keep track of and create an invoice for auto body parts as they are installed on the vehicle to be repaired. An alternative would be a bar code scanner driven system which would access an existing Internet driven system. We need to keep the system costs as low as possible thus handheld computers are out of line.


Since mobile computers are not a suitable option we will have to go with an on-site PC in combination with a basic bar code scanner like the Motorola LS2208. This unit would connect to the PC via USB and transmit data as keyboard text into any application. With your invoicing software on the PC or via the Internet you will be able to scan codes easily into it to manage the parts used. We can pair a mobile receipt printer like the Zebra MZ320 to complete the solution with in the field receipt printing.

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Posted August 20, 2010