Guest We need a hand held scanner is capable of the following:
– Verify bar code on the documentation against bar code on label on the box.
– Count the # of boxes scanned.
– Transfer count and data scanned to a computer (must be compatible with both Windows 7 and XP)
The issue we are having is the repeated mislabelling of products. We would like to use the scanner as a method of verification, and at the same time be able to save these verification records. If the finished product bar code label differs from the one on the documentation (production order), we would like the scanner to alarm the inspector of this mismatch.

There are several mobile computers that will fulfill your application needs like the Honeywell Dolphin 6500 but more importantly is the software that will run on this device to carry out your order verification process and record all your data. Intellitrack ISRP is a warehouse management software that will issue and manage order picking to ensure that whatever items are scanned they match the order they are for. ISRP will also help manage your inventory at the same time you are processing orders and supports multiple mobile devices as your needs expand.

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Posted August 30, 2010
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