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 Guest I want to introduce a tracking system that will replace the use of hard cash in the taxis. Instead of paying in coins, passengers would buy cards and use that to pay by 'swiping' on a card reader in the taxi. At the end of the month the taxi owner would then claim his dues by downloading information on the number of 'swipes'. There are hundreds of taxis (each with a maximum capacity of 14 passengers)which are independently owned. The idea is to centralise on the paying point for passengers and minimise the handling of cash.

Bar codes are an easy way to help track the passengers on each of the taxis you work with. We can help develop a suitable application to easily capture all the scans on a laptop or mobile computer like the Motorola MC55A and even have cards made for you as well. Keeping a running log of each taxi can be uploaded through several wired and wireless options for real-time updates or monthly batch uploads.

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Posted September 1, 2010