Guest Looking for a system to record when a product starts assembly at the beginning of the manufacturing line and then records when it reaches the end of the manufacturing line and is done with assembly. I want to put fixed scanners under the line, one at the beginning and one at the end shooting upwards. The bar codes would be located on the bottom of a tray that the product rides down the line during assembly. So what I believe I need is 2 scanners, 2 controllers for each scanner, and a computer to log the data

For an automated fixed scanning solution I would suggest the Microscan Quadrus Mini as an ideal option. This unit will directly interface to a PC so you will not need any type of controller outside of a regular PC and also has some GPIO options to connect with other devices or your line itself. The Quadrus Mini is a very aggressive unit that can read at higher speeds and will easily integrate with your software to track throughout your process.

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Posted September 2, 2010