Guest Want to receive materials into my warehouse, move it to a production area to create an item with a different number and reduce the quantity of the original item. Keep track of the quantities of the new number and enter them into inventory. Then scan items as sales orders are staged for shipping to reduce inventory of the new item that was created, as well as any other items that were already in the warehouse and did not need to be converted to a different product.

Given the scope of your application needs I would suggest using a warehouse management software like Intellitrack WMS. This application will allow you to easily track and manage the entire work process in your production facility. From inventory to work orders to shipping/receiving, WMS will provide greater visibility into your business to make it more efficient and accurate. We can run the application on standard PCs as well as devices like the Motorola MC9500 series for a fully mobile solution.

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Posted September 2, 2010