Guest I am a quality director in the heavy construction industry. We have been using a paper system for inspection documentation. The activities include steel erection, equipment installation, piping installation, radiographing, pressure testing, insulation installation, heat tracing, etc. We are looking for alternatives to our office labor intensive system. Inspections performed in the field are documented on paper docs and returned to the field office for input into an Excel spreadsheet and compiling. We need to document progress as performed that will be downloaded into a spreadsheet at days end.

Since you are currently moving everything into an Excel sheet at the end of the day we can provide a device that will allow you to scan and key-in data directly into Excel to speed up your overall process. A device like the Motorola MC9500 is a rugged enough unit to handle any construction site and comes pre-loaded with Excel. All you would have to do is transfer your inspection sheets to the device and then fill them out in the field. At the end of a shift you could dock the unit and upload all the completed forms to a PC without any need for compiling.

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Posted September 8, 2010
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