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 Guest We are looking for a way to log and track mine air samples prior to analytical lab analysis. These samples are collected in 10-ml Vacutainer glass test tubes (blood collection tubes). They are analyzed via a gas chromatograph utilizing a robotics auto-sampler. We would need labels for the vials, a hand-held reader for log-in, and a reader on the instrument to read prior to analysis.

As you are labeling a small object I would suggest the Datamax I-4208 as it readily can create labels down to .5” wide. The printer also supports a variety of material types so we can create a more rugged plastic label that will endure through your process. For the mobile device I would suggest the Honeywell Dolphin 9700 as it is very compact and has an aggressive scanner that can read small, dense bar codes. The unit has plenty of internal memory which can also be expanded with an SD card to ensure you can collect all the required data in the field.

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Posted September 9, 2010