Guest We would like a inventory solution that can help us log and track product shipments. Our current operation is this:
Our product: Socks, Underwear and undershirts.
Our warehouse system: Each item is in a plastic tote, with a printed UPC bar code on the outside of the tote.
What we we're looking for: Once we pull an item for shipment I would like to scan the UPC code, which would then update our inventory in Quickbooks.

RedBeam Inventory Tracking software is a great solution for managing your inventory and being able to export data to your Quickbooks system. Our BCI Advanced Inventory Control kit includes the RedBeam software and a Unitech PA600 to allow you to scan inventory in and out anywhere in your building. With each order you can scan out items which will be recorded in the mobile device and then updated on your PC. When new items come in you can check them in the same way.

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Posted September 20, 2010