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 Guest We are a company that needs to track the movement of used golf cars that are scattered throughout the U.S. Is there a solution along the lines of a wireless scanner that can scan the bar codes, hold the information, and then wirelessly send that information to an email address? Essentially it would be like having a scanner on a blackberry, and then being able to send that information to someone else, no matter where you are, without the necessity of a laptop or router.

For in the field mobility that is independent of a WiFi network you will need to go with a unit that has WAN capabilities like the Motorola MC65. This unit supports any phone network service to allow wireless connectivity in the field where ever you are. The device will have Excel pre-installed which you could use to collect data in the field with or any other Windows Mobile compatible software. Once the data is collected and you can easily email the document from the field.

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Posted September 21, 2010