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 Guest I run a growing wildland fire organization and we have a lot of "stuff" that seems to get harder to track as we get larger. I do know some of our "stuff" gets lost or broken beyond repair but I also have a suspicion that I have some theft going on. We currently inventory by pen and paper then update in Excel.

Yous situation requires a proper asset tracking system to manage all your item and make sure they are where they need to be. Our BCI Preferred Asset Management kit includes the ASAP Passport Assets software which will allow you to track each item uniquely and by their location. You can also assign a specific custodian for each item so that someone can be held accountable for the asset and run a a variety of reports to get a better view of everything you have. The kit also includes a Motorola MC55 so you can track and manage your assets where ever they are located in your facility.

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Posted September 22, 2010