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 Guest I need to install 3 scanners to read the boxes that are being placed in our shipping trucks. The scanners will be mounted on 3 conveyors in the shipping area (each conveyor points to a different truck). The scanners need to be connected to the same Windows XP computer. For each box the PC must save the box number, the date and time, and conveyor number in a database. I can program the application that saves the data in the database but need to identify a scanner model that allows me to connect 3 of them to the same PC. Accordingly, the scanners cannot send the info as keyboard (like the POS scanners). The scanned data must get to a file (COM object, or a port) from which my application could take it.

Depending on the speed at which the boxes are moving I would suggest either the Motorola MS4400 or the Microscan Quadrus Mini Velocity. Both of the these unit come with RS232(serial) communications and you can easily interface multiple unit to a single PC as long as there are ports available. The Motorola unit is a great general purpose fixed scanner but if the items are moving quickly I would go with the Microscan unit instead.

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Posted September 24, 2010