Guest I need to scan a cover sheet with a barcode. The barcode has 7 segments of data embedded into the code. Once scanned I need the scanner to upload the reading, and run a report with the 7 segments broken down into separate fields. With this a time and date stamp is required for each record. I would need the ability to export this data into Excel and mine the information.

Any tethered bar code scanner will connect to a PC via USB and transmit data in real-time to an application like Excel. A unit like the LS2208 from Motorola can parse the data before transmitting so that each segment will go to a separate field in Excel which can they provide a time stamp. This would be the most direct solution and if a mobile option is required a unit like the Motorola MC55A running Excel can be set-up the same way.

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Posted October 6, 2010
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