Guest We are an iron foundry and we make counterweights for forklifts. We are trying to find a way to identify a part from the molding process up to shipping reliably. We have a pretty significant failure rate using our current manual entry system and we are wanting to get more automated and achieve a minimal failure rate. This will be no easy feat considering our environment.

Depending on the specific temperatures we will have to deal with we have several options for a possible bar code tracking system for you. One possible option is using a rugged polyester label which we can affix to your product. If this is not rugged enough we do have some custom options with metal tags or even some etching options. We can pair this with a work in progress application and mobile device like the MC9500 to allow you to scan product as it moves throughout your process. All this data can be stored locally on the mobile computer or managed in real-time on a wireless network.

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Posted October 13, 2010