Guest I am looking for asset tracking equipment to manage fire safety equipment. The software should have fields for equipment type,location, condition, age, comments and a photo. We also need a printer that should be able to print weather resistant labels and if possible be portable? The reader should be a portable hand held with wireless Internet capabilities.

Asset tracking is a common application in which bar coding can be very beneficial. Our BCI Advanced Asset Management kit includes the RedBeam Asset Tracking software that allows you to manage all your assets with a large set of possible characteristics and even has customizable fields you can set to be any attribute you like. Various reports can be created for all your assets and you can use as many mobile devices as you need like the included Motorola MC5590. We can pair a printer like the Zebra GK420t for printing labels at a desktop or a P4T for a fully mobile option to create rugged plastic labels to handle use outdoors.

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Posted October 25, 2010