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 Guest I own two retail stores that sell fine leather shoes and bags for women. At this time we are implementing bar codes and POS computers. Counting the whole store inventory and loading all this information in the POS software is a long-run, tiresome process. The last few days something bothered me with a simple thought… How on earth am I going to do physical inventories from all the stock at each one of my stores with only pen and paper and reading bar codes? I found your website and looked at some handheld computers that read bar codes and manage inventory. The problem is that I encountered a lot of possibilities with a broad price range. The one I like the most is the Symbol MC9090, but somehow I think this handheld would be underused by my company with all the beautiful features it has. Therefore, my questions to you are as follows: Which handheld do you recommend for my business, and if you choose the Symbol MC9090 handheld what configuration would best fit my needs?

If you need a unit to withstand very harsh and rugged environments I would definitely suggest the MC9090G as it is one of the most durable devices currently available. Given that your inventory collecting will be at retail stores though I would think a smaller unit like the Motorola MC55A would still provide all the data collecting features you need like a built-in scanner, 802.11a/b/g, touchscreen, and a QWERTY keypad but at a lower cost. Both devices will be able to help collect your inventory much faster and without errors and we can help make sure they integrate with your inventory system.

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Posted November 3, 2010