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 Guest We have two assembly classes with several hundred students that are required to attend each on a weekly basis. We have used magnetic card swipes with the student badges to record attendance, but this causes a significant bottleneck at the 4 entrances.
I am investigating scanning the bar code on the badges to speed up time and attendance capturing in an effort to eliminate the bottleneck. It would be preferable that the scanner capture the data for download to a computer system at a later time.

We have an ideal solution for you in our Unitech MT-830-TIME-ATTENDANCE bundle. This kit includes a Unitech TASHI which is a self standing data collector that has a built-in bar code scanner. With the included software all your attendees will simply scan their ID at one of the stations and this data will be recorded internally on the device. Being a bar code scan it will be faster that the magnetic stripe and since the TASHI is very compact you could set-up more than just 4 stations if needed. The system can be set-up on a wired network or the data can be dumped to a memory card for batch retrieval.

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Posted November 4, 2010