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 Guest We are looking for a system to track oxygen tanks. It needs to be at least partially portable and needs to be able to be edited. Ex: We deliver 50 oxygen tanks to a nursing home and pickup 50 tanks. Each tank has to be tracked by it's serial and lot numbers. The serial # never changes but the lot # changes each time it is filled. So we need to be able to go in and change the lot # frequently. Would like to be able to pick a customer/facility and scan the tanks being delivered. Then again pick a customer and scan the tanks being picked up. Once back at the store need to be able to upload the information into the computer. Would also like to be able to use the same system for store inventory – upload what we have on hand then as we sell things scan them and they come off the inventory.

Our BCI Enterprise Inventory Control kit is a perfect match for the process you are looking to work in. The ASAP Passport Stock software can track your items by a variety of characteristics and even has customizable fields to fit whatever search you may need. This system will allow easy access to all your inventory data and allow you to be more efficient in your products sales and usage. The kit includes the Motorola MC55 to allow in the field updates and we can add as many mobile devices as you will need.

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Posted November 4, 2010