Guest We are looking for a solution that will allow us to keep track of our inventory more efficiently, we do not need a POS because we do not run credit cards. We will purchase a computer to sit at the counter to handle sales, but we need software and a scanner to go along with it. The issue with the bar code scanner is we would like one with a screen to help us identify product as we receive it and we need one that either has a communication range of 1000ft to reach to the storage building or able to store the bar codes and changes when it is outside of communication range.

Given your application needs I would suggest the RedBeam Inventory Tracking software as an easy to use option to manage all you incoming and outgoing stock. This application runs on a PC as well as a mobile computer to allow inventory management both when conducting sales as well as in your storage area. With the scanning side of things it sounds like you will want 2 different scanners. The unit at the sales PC can be a basic hand held scanner like the Motorola LS2208 for simple entry. You can then use a mobile computer like the Unitech PA600 to use in your storage area. This unit can store all changes internally and call up stock information in the field which can be uploaded to the main system for updates.

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Posted November 6, 2010