Guest We are a commercial and residential air conditioning and heating company. We are looking for a better way to track our inventory. We have lost items in the past, had items stolen, and ordered duplicate items do to our lack of tracking. We buy from a large variety of vendors and buy a large variety of products depending on the season. We have many items in bins, such as copper fittings, PVC, wire nuts, etc. We need some way to track what comes in and goes out of our warehouse and know what the item is so we can price it correctly for accounting. We would like the flexibility to track outside of the ware house in the future to know what goes on and off of the technician's trucks. Our warehouse is small, with only one person as the warehouse coordinator. We would also need a system that would allow for peak times; for example in the morning most of the techs are gathering items for that day's installs. The rest of the the day the warehouse only sees a few techs returning for supplies.

We offer a range of inventory tracking solutions that are scalable to whatever size you will need. Our BCI Enterprise Inventory Control kit includes the ASAP Passport Stock software that will allow you to track stock coming in and out of your facility. Each transaction can be associated with a work order or even a technicians ID so that you can easily see what leaves in the morning and what actually returns. In this case you will be able to greatly reduce stolen or lost items as you will have a solid account of who is taking what and for what purpose. Likewise, the ASAP software will allow you to set minimum stock levels for items to always ensure you have enough product on hand. Various reports can be generate don your inventory to better optimize your purchasing and general usage. This bundle comes with a Motorola MC55 for full mobility and additional units can be added to the system so when your technicians are heading out in the morning you can have multiple transactions going on at the same time.

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Posted November 8, 2010
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