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I would like to identify a mobile bar code scanner that requires an individual to scan/swipe their badge when they enter a room. From there they will be prompted for a password then asked if there is a work order number associated with it or is it an emergency work order. Then the scanner will be used to check parts in and out of the spare parts room.


Most any mobile computer will be able to function as you are asking and the main thing we need to determine is a suitable software to carry out the processes you are looking for. For a mobile check in/check out solution I would suggest the RedBeam Inventory Tracking software. This software will allow you to manage your inventory as it is coming in and out of your parts room. Each transaction has a ID field which can be your work order number or any other reference number you would like. Each user can sign in when they use the application so you can know who did what transaction as well. This software works well with the Motorola MC55A to allow full mobility and freedom from a desktop PC.

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Posted November 9, 2010