We have an electronic parts room that contains various components and supplies. The parts and supplies are used by 15 technicians and managed by whomever. We would like to implement a bar code system with a handheld/wand scanner that could be used with a program for inventory tracking. The ability to create bar codes; read bar codes; add/subtract items and compile a weekly report will be essential.


For a simple to use inventory tracking solution I would suggest the Wasp Inventory Control software. This software will help manage your parts inventory by being able to check items out as they are used and also add quantities as you re-stock. You can set minimum stock levels for each item as well as run a host of reports on your usage. This system can be paired with a hand held scanner like the Honeywell 3800g or if you require a fully mobile solution the software does work with a device like the Dolphin 6100. We can also pair this system with a Zebra GK420t to create labels readily from the Wasp software.

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Posted November 9, 2010
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