My application is for oil field sample collection. Basically I am looking for a very simple, inexpensive ($100 to $200)bar code reader with cellular communication capability. I would like to have a very simple bar code device that would scan a collected sample label, have the capability to input a volume (bbls) amount, and then send via cellular communication to a central receiving computer in our corporate office. I need the device to be able to record all data into memory and when necessary connect to a laptop.


Within your desired price range there is no device that will have cellular capabilities. There are 2 possible options however that will accomplish your task. The Unitech PA550 is a cost effective mobile computer that has cellular capabilities, scanner, and keypad. This unit can store data internally and connect to a PC or transmit in the field wirelessly as well. For a solution that is closer to your price range I would suggest the Opticon OPN2002 in conjunction with a smart phone. This device can communicate via Bluetooth to the phone which can then send data via a cellular connection and also store the data for a batch upload as well. This solution does require 2 devices but many users will have a phone already and the OPN2002 fits within your budget needs.

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Posted November 9, 2010
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