We are a small elementary school looking for a library database system, so that we can put bar codes on our books for students to check in and out. We are still adding to our library inventory, and will continue to do so in the future. What are some component products for this situation (would it be possible to search for a book by subject or author, etc)?


There are essentially 3 parts to a library tracking system: the management software, printer, and scanner. For the software I would suggest ResourceMate as it is specifically design for mid to small sized libraries. It will allow you to conduct check-in/check-out operations as well as detailed searches by any keyword type you would like to set up. The software also supports bar code label printing with a Zebra GK420t and a variety of label sizes are available. For the scanning side of things a basic corded scanner like the Honeywell 3800g would be ideal for a check out station. With these items you will have a complete and easy to use tracking system for your library even as your collection expands.

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Posted November 16, 2010