We are a photographic studio looking for a way to track our rented equipment. The equipment needs be wireless (something we can use on location).


As have rental items a check-in/check-out system will be ideal for you. Our RedBeam Check In/Check Outsoftware will allow you to assign a code to each item and as individuals check out items you can scan all the item codes to associate them to the specific user. You will be able to set due dates for each item and even late fees if needed. Detailed characteristics of each item will be recorded to ensure the returned item is in the same state as it left. The RedBeam software does come in a mobile edition so that you can use a Motorola MC55A in the field to check items in and out. Back at the main PC you can run a variety of reports on individual items and users to always know what is out and what when it due back.

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Posted November 16, 2010