Guest We are a financial distribution company want to develop software for my investors as we have 300,000 to 400,000 investors connected with us. We need to keep their records such as their account details. We need to enter all these items repeatedly while making investments. We process the application in a software where all this data is entered and then uploaded to the stock exchanges. In each IPO we have 50,000 different investor applications for which we need to enter their details. I would like to give each investor a unique serial number like a UPC and give them their IPO application forms printed from my end where their data is stored with the bar code. When they return their application and cheque I just have to scan the bar code so that all the details are automatically fetched. I have the whole data with me.


As a bar code is really just a unique number assigned to your customer in the database as long as you create the correct code on the application that matches the data in your system you will be able to use a scanner to call them up. You will first need a means to create a bar code for your application forms in which case I would suggest the Bartender Professional software. This program can create any type of code and can easily pull data from your database for the customer number. We can then use a Zebra S4M printer to create a label for the form or export an image to embed into your application form. Once created a simple scanner like the Motorola LS2208 will be able to scan any linear code into your software for a look-up.

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Posted December 2, 2010